Enhancement by Compression Project


Iroquois Gas Transmission System, LP (“Iroquois”) is proposing a ‘compression only’ enhancement of its existing system to receive an additional 125 million cubic feet per day of natural gas at Iroquois’ interconnect with the TC Energy Canadian mainline in Waddington, NY for redelivery to New York utilities.  

 The ExC Project involves the addition of compression and associated gas cooling at existing Iroquois compressor station sites only.  All new facilities will be constructed entirely within Iroquois’ existing compressor station properties. No new pipeline is proposed as part of this project. 

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  • Addition of ~12,000 HP of compression and gas cooling at Iroquois’ Athens, NY Compressor Station
  • Addition of ~12,000 HP of compression and gas cooling at Iroquois’ Dover, NY Compressor Station
  • Addition of ~24,000 HP of compression and gas cooling at Iroquois’ Brookfield, CT Compressor Station
  • Addition of gas cooling only at Iroquois’ Milford, CT Compressor Station
  • Installation of Emission Reduction Equipment at Project Sites
  • Proposed In-Service November 1, 2023

New York

  • Greater supply to NYC will help alleviate the need for gas moratoriums and benefit economic development
  • Increased supply facilitates conversions from oil heat to gas heat while supplying new construction with natural gas instead of #2 fuel oil
  • Supports the intermittency of renewable energy sources


  • Complements the state’s zero-carbon initiatives and pursuit of off-shore wind resources
  • Reduces price volatility and lowers fuel prices for gas and electric utilities
  • Enhances electric grid reliability and resiliency with additional compression that enables fast start and quick ramping during peak periods

Mutual Benefits

  • Additional capacity with no new pipeline
  • Reduction in life cycle GHG emissions and air pollution
  • Increased property tax revenue for host communities
  • Construction jobs and boost to local economy during construction
  • Project related Community Grants

The ExC Project anticipates filing a formal application with the FERC in late January 2020, and is anticipating approval by early 2021.

The FERC, as lead federal agency, will make an assessment of the project from an environmental standpoint and will issue a determination of whether or not the proposed project is within the public convenience and necessity. Additional information on the FERC process can be found at and by viewing the brochure: Your Guide to Electronic Information at FERC

Upon receiving all necessary permits, construction activities for this project are expected to begin by the spring of 2023. These activities will include mobilization of personnel and equipment, site preparation, and installation and testing of new compressor and gas cooling facilities. Construction should be completed by November 1, 2023.








December 2, 2019

Open House Invitation

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Milford, CT

Veterans Memorial Auditorium Dressing Room
(Located in the Parsons Government Center)
53 West Main St. 
Milford, CT 

December 3, 2019

Open House Invitation

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Brookfield, CT

Brookfield Town Hall
100 Pocono Road
Brookfield, CT 

January 8, 2020

Open House Invitation

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Athens, NY

Athens Volunteer Fire Department
39 3rd Street
Athens, NY 

January 9, 2020

Open House Invitation

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Dover, NY

American Legion Post 1949
797 Route 22
Wingdale, NY 


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To speak to an ExC Project team member, please call:

Rob Perless, Project Director

Ruth Parkins, Director, Government and Public Relations

Michael Kinik, Director, Engineering Services