One Call

One-Call System Protects Us All

The greatest risk to underground pipelines is accidental damage during excavation. To protect Iroquois' natural gas pipeline and other underground facilities, it is critical that individuals use the one-call system prior to any excavation-related activities on public and private property. The law requires that all excavators notify the one-call system 48 hours before digging. Failure to comply with this law can jeopardize public safety and result in costly damage and substantial fines.

The one-call center will contact Iroquois so that we can mark the location of our facilities prior to excavation. There is no charge for this service. Excavators are required to take certain precautions when working near underground facilities; the one-call center can provide details of what is required. Any damage, even if it appears to be minor, should be reported to Iroquois immediately. A gouge, scrape, dent, or crease to the pipe or its coating may cause a future leak or failure. It is imperative that Iroquois and other owners inspect and repair any damage to their facilities.

Iroquois has published Guidelines for Landowners, Developers, and Contractors to address commonly asked questions regarding Iroquois’ right of way and easements. For a printed copy of the guidelines contact us:

Spencer Robinson
Right of Way Manager

Thomas Bashaw
Director, Field Operations & Maintenance 


Nationwide: 811
Connecticut: 1-800-922-4455
New York State: 1-800-962-7962
New York City/Long Island: 1-800-272-4480

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