Advanced Technologies, Continuous Monitoring for Safe Pipeline Operations

As with any form of transportation, there is a need to monitor and maintain the pipeline and its facilities and to make the best use of available technology for safe and environmentally-effective operations.

Gas Control Monitoring

Located at our corporate headquarters in Shelton, CT, Iroquois’ gas controllers monitor and operate the pipeline, including system pressures, flows and customer deliveries, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Backup location sites for gas control operations are maintained in the event Iroquois’ corporate headquarters was to become inaccessible.

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SCADA System

Iroquois’ Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is the backbone of the gas control center’s communications. It provides data collection, monitoring and remote operation of the compressor stations, meter stations, and mainline valves. Redundant communication methods are in place to provide backup should it be needed. Operating conditions outside of predetermined ranges and set points will cause alarms to sound at the gas control center, resulting in rapid diagnosis and resolution of the alarm condition.


Emission Control Technology

All of Iroquois’ compressor station combustion turbines were installed to incorporate emission controls mandated by federal and state agencies. These controls reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 50 percent as compared with emissions associated with more conventional compressor station control technology. These emission reductions are proven and documented by periodic “stack testing” and agency reports.