Gas Control & Scheduling

Keeping Natural Gas Moving Safely and Reliably

Gas Control & Scheduling

Iroquois’ Gas Control & Scheduling provides consistent service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. All System Controllers are DOT Operator-Qualified (OQ) and trained to assist with nominations and confirmations. Gas Control utilizes the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to monitor the safety and efficiency of the pipeline. They coordinate all emergency calls, collaborate with Engineering and Field Operations on pipeline maintenance and construction projects to minimize system outages. Our scheduling group can assist with nominations, confirmations, capacity release, and scheduled volumes.

Gas Control

Gas Control Emergency: 1-800-888-3982

Gas Control Non-Emergency: 203-925-7212

Gas Control Toll Free: 1-888-448-7737

Gas Control Fax: 203-925-1925

John Esposito
Director, Gas Control, Scheduling & Systems Operations

Christopher Chotalal
Manager, Gas Control & System Operations


Gas Control Team
Gordon Bennett
Michael Cruz
Mohamed Eldesouky
Scott Ely
Alicia Gilbert
Matthew Gilbert
Trygve Lund
Robert Rodriguez

Scheduling Team

Jenn Kosich
Senior Transportation and Scheduling Coordinator
ICE Chat: jkosich