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Dominion Transmission, Inc. (DTI) has proposed the New Market Project to improve access to natural gas for customers in upstate New York. The project will allow the delivery of additional supplies of natural gas to National Grid distribution areas to meet the growing consumer demand for the fuel. The New Market Project’s total cost is expected to be about $159 million and will add approximately 33,023 horsepower of compression to DTI’s existing interstate pipeline transmission system.

In particular, DTI will interconnect with Iroquois in Minden, NY to allow the delivery of up to 82,000 Dth/day for National Grid. DTI will construct and install approximately 11,133 horsepower of transfer compression to allow for the delivery of natural gas into Iroquois. 

The New Market Project has received its necessary permits and plans to begin construction in the Spring of 2017 to be fully operational by November 2017.

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Applications & Filings

Proposed Timeline

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Construction Activities Schedule

Spring/Summer 2017

Project Highlights
  • New supply option for Iroquois allowing the receipt of 82,000 Dth/d from DTI
  • Proposed Construction – Spring through Summer 2017
  • Proposed In-service date – November 2017
  • National Grid is the firm shipper associated with this project


For additional information, visit DTI’s New Market Project website at https://www.dom.com/about-us/news-center/natural-gas-projects-and-initiatives/new-market-project

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Rob Perless
Project Development Manager

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Ruth Parkins
Manager, Public Affairs