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IOL utilizes standard "HTTPS" (secure internet services) which simplifies or eliminates firewall configuration for many organizations, since outbound HTTPS access is typically available.

  • If using a "Pop-Up" blocker, please set it to "always allow" pop-ups from the sites listed above or add the Iroquois citrix site in as a trusted site.
  • The web browser (Internet Explorer) must be configured to allow scripts and cookies from these sites.
  • Corporate or desktop firewall software may need to be configured to permit access to these sites, if site restrictions or enforcement policies are enabled.
  • Proxy servers, devices and software that store and deliver copies of these sites can interfere with IOL.  We recommend that these be configured not to “cache” these sites, permit application services over HTTPS and/or bypass the proxy for this connection.
  • Internet Explorer’s management of “Temporary Internet Files” can cause several problems. We recommend Offline Content” be cleared frequently, in the I.E. tools menu.
  • The Java Client (embedded mode) is not able to auto-launch IOL, but auto-reconnect (roaming) is available -- see “Logoff and Disconnect”
  • If you receive the message “You already have an instance of this application, only one instance is allowed” but no instance of the application exists on your computer, the following solution is available: On the IOL applications web page click the button labeled “Disconnect” then wait for the web page to re-load. A subsequent login will provide access to the application.
  • If the IOL web applications page does not contain a “disconnect” button the disconnect feature may not function correctly, and you may experience other connection issues. Iroquois believes that this problem may occur with some older versions of the Citrix ICA Client and we recommend that an upgrade be installed.

For more information, please click the setup and help topic links, below

Setup and Help topics are:

IOL Help Desk: If you need assistance, please contact the IOL Help Desk at 1-888-IGTS-REP (1-888-448-7737) option 4

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