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1.Login & Password Management

User names added to IOL must be four characters or more and must start with a letterNo special characters can be used and usernames must be unique.

Passwords set in IOL must be a minimum of six characters and have strong characteristics.  Passwords are case sensitive (caSe SeNsItive) and must contain three of the following four choices (lowercase letter, uppercase letter, a number and/or a special character. Customers may change their password in the IOL file menu when the initial Iroquois On-Line (logo) window is active or on the web “Applications Tool bar by clicking the symbol of a key.

Please follow your organization's password guidelines, and do not share your account and password information with others.

2. Access Time-outs

The web login and web application launch pages are an access portal, which permit the user to restart (launch) IOL, change settings and passwords. For this reason, the login page expires after 10 minutes. This expiration does not effect the IOL application, which runs in a separate window.
The IOL application can run continuously for up to 12 hours. After a subsequent 4 hours the connections will be disconnected and closed

3. Print and Download Settings

The first time IOL is launched on any given computer, users will be presented with a Citrix Security dialog. This dialog permits IOL to communicate with your local printers. Iroquois suggests that users select "full access" and "don't ask me again for this application. If this is not selected, users will not be able to download files from IOL. User can verify and change this setting by right clicking on the IOL title bar (or the icon in the application icon in the Windows task bar). On the right click menu, choose "Client File Security Status" . Make the required changes and click OK. You need to allow this access on each computer you use.

4. Favorites, Bookmarks & Shortcuts

IOL access is controlled from the Iroquois web site ( Please make that your "Favorite" or "Shortcut". To access IOL, click the "Customer Activities" link on the home page.

For more information, please click the setup and help topic links, below

Setup and Help topics are:

IOL Help Desk: If you need assistance, please contact the IOL Help Desk at 1-888-IGTS-REP (1-888-448-7737) option 4

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