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ICA Client Instructions

Iroquois recommends installation of the Citrix ICA client version 10.1 or newer, for best performance.  If you are not able to perform the ICA client installation, refer to the Java client Instructions, below.
IMPORTANT NOTE: ICA client installation requires "administrative rights" on the computer, which in many organizations involves technical support from your company's internal help desk.

  • Download the ICA Client installation file, and save the file to disk. Make note of where you save the file.
  • There are two ways to download the ICA client file: Use the "client installation link" that appears in the messages area of the login page when an ICA client is not installed on the computer
  • Alternatively, at select the appropriate file for your computer's operating system, located in the download area of that site.  Please note; you do not need to register in order to download a Citrix client.        
  • Launch the ICA Installer (a launch is a usually done by a double click) and follow the instructions to complete the installation.
  • Reboot the computer after installation, to insure proper operation.
  • Return to and select Customer Activities. Check that the ICA warning message does not appear on the IOL login web page.
  • If using a "Pop-Up" blocker, please set it to "always allow" pop-ups from this site.
  • After a successful login, the IOL application will (automatically) launch.
  • Although the IOL web page is no longer required for IOL to operate, it but may be useful for troubleshooting and for access to other services.
  • A file security screen may appear. Please select "Full Access" and "Never Ask Again for this Application", then click "OK"
  • After you login, the IOL application will become available within a short period, depending on your local internet connection.

Through the use of a new feature, called a roaming "disconnect", your IOL  session can continue running for several hours, even if your computer crashes or is shut down. If your computer is restarted, or you go to another computer, you can resume IOL at the exact place you were last working.  In addition, if you login to IOL on a second computer, having left it running on the first, IOL will disconnect the first computer, and attach the second computer to the session.  Therefore, if you request a report from IOL, you can leave it on the screen, go to another computer, login to IOL and see the result!

For more information, please click the setup and help topic links, below

Setup and Help topics are:

IOL Help Desk: If you need assistance, please contact the IOL Help Desk at 1-888-IGTS-REP (1-888-448-7737) option 4

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