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Your Access to Gas Pipeline Notices

These gas pipeline notices may be of interest to our customers. Feel free to contact us if you should have any questions or comments relating to this information.

 Notice Status Description:   Supersede
 Prior Notice Identifier:   3741
 Notice Type Description:  Cash Out
 Critical?:  N
 Notice Effective Date/Time:  03/01/2018 09:00:00
 Subject:  PAL and HUB Cash-out for February 2018
 Notice Text:

In conformance with new tariff requirements effective March 1, 2018, pursuant to Commission order in Docket No. RP18-297-000, Iroquois is superseding the information provided in Notice ID 3741.


PAL/HUB Cash-out Index Prices


PAL and HUB cash-outs for February invoices issued in March 2018 will be based on the indices provided below:


Rate Schedule: Service Type

PAL/HUB Cash-out Indices


PAL: Loan Balances

HUB: Net Loan Balances


PAL: Parked Balances

HUB: Net Loan Payback Balances



The indices shown above equal the highest and lowest Platts Gas Daily Transco, zone 6 N.Y. prices respectively for the reference month.  Cash-outs subject to penalties will be invoiced at 10% above the index high price or 10% below the index low price as applicable.


For more information related to PAL and HUB cash-outs, please refer to Section Numbers 6, 7 and 8 within the PAL and HUB rate schedules in Iroquois’ FERC Gas Tariff or contact invoicing@iroquois.com.


PAL/HUB Credit Index Price


The index price used during March 2018 to calculate PAL and HUB credit exposure is listed in the table below:


PAL/HUB Credit Index




The index shown above equals the average of the Platts Gas Daily Transco, zone 6 N.Y. Midpoint price for the 12 months prior to the 1st of the month that the credit is evaluated.


For more information related to credit, please refer to section 3 (Requests for Service/Credit Evaluation) of the General Terms and Conditions in Iroquois’ FERC Gas Tariff or contact contractingandcredit@iroquois.com.

 Notice End Date/Time:  03/31/2018 09:00:00
 Reqrd Rsp Desc: No Response Required
 Response Date/Time:  
 Posting Date/Time:  03/01/2018 16:49:00
 Contacts:  Fairfield, Maria - (203) 944 - 7004
 Notice Identifier:  3743

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